Welcome to ALTRUIS Indonesia


We are published on July 17, in 2012, is non-profit organization designed to recruit qualified European and world-wide university students and graduates for professional internship and voluntary programs with our hosting organization located in Sukabumi – West Java – Indonesia. The projects not only assist and support the building of an educational world to achieve the very best standards for regional schools/university/company to grow in the respect of the progressive learning and understanding as well as international friendship through cross-cultural activities, but also make opportunity for interns or volunteers in cooperative business projects and offer local products from our organization to global companies or business organization for sustainable projects. Our Internship – voluntary projects is a fantastic opportunity to be a responsible intern or volunteer, make a positive contribution during volunteer’s stay at schools / university / companies or host organization.

The Indonesia Altruis has many partners either local or national ones. It is not only appointed by TOPSII Ednovation International as the partner of International Education & Career Services, Corp. – America, but also registered ( for English Centre Sukabumi) as an Official TOEFL Score Recipient in Educational Testing Service (ETS) America. In Internship – voluntary Projects, our organization expanded its hosting organization to include a wider range of institutions / schools / universities and companies in almost parts of the location. Either interns or volunteers would reach much easier relatively to obtain new challenges because they are firstly guided to familiarize them selves with the culture, lifestyle, language, people, food, attitude, habits, environment and work scope prior to get in charge of. After initiating orientation days, intern or volunteer, for example, will teach/tutor English or be an instructor or assist in keep with intern or volunteer’s proficiency at a local school or business partner for local company projects. Intern or volunteer will be placed in a our local host organization, where intern or volunteer will have the possibility to give a positive input into the life of the Indonesian students, teachers, or company staffs in Sukabumi. It could help sustainably comprehensive development to their careers for better future.